uPVC Well Casing Pipe

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Salient Features

  • Casing Pipes are manufactured from special uPVC compound having extra toughness
  • Casing Pipes are totally immune to corrosion and offer good resistance to aggressive elements in the soil
  • Casing Pipes are provided with good quality threaded joints, thus they can be easily assembled and installed
  • Casing Pipes are light in weight and hence transportation and installation becomes much easier
  • The material of the pipe is non-toxic, hence does not impart any taste, odor or colour. Its free from bacteria and hence absolutely safe for carrying ground water.
  • uPVC is non-conductor of electricity which eliminates any electro chemical action with ground water which could cause encrustation of screens.
  • Being free from rusting, weathering and chemical action and due to good mechanical properties, casing pipe lasts for longtime
  • uPVC Casing Pipe provide the best cost benefit ratio when compared to other materials


  • Tube well & Bore well
  • Rain water harvesting application
  • Water disposal & injection well
  • Agriculture vertical drainage well
  • Domestic, industrial and mining wells

Nominal Dia

Mean Outer Diameter (MM)

Wall Thickness (MM)

CS TypeCM TypeCD Type
MMInch Min. Max.Min. Max.Min. Max.Min. Max.
  • CS Type : Casing for Shallow well, can be used for depth upto 80 mtr.
  • CM Type : Casing for medium well, can be used for depth above 80 mtr and upto 250 mtr.
  • SD Type : Casing for deep well, can be used for depth above 250 mtr and upto 450 mtr.
  • Colour : Blue
  • Available Pipe Length : 3.0 & 5.8 Meter
  • Trapezoidal Thread Ref : to DIN 4925 / IS 12818